Girl Power

Okay, technically, the figures on this page aren't toys. They are actually mini statues. 


Well, it's pretty obvious who the bootleggers targeted in this line of figures. That's right! The import from England, The Spice Girls!  That's Ginger Spice shown above.

Here are the rest of the figures in the series....


Left to right, ya have Sporty Spice, Baby Spice, Posh Spice and Scary Spice. Each of these figures comes in their own special pose. I really like Scary Spice's freaky stance. 
Here's the deal with these figures. First, each comes in the same type of package as shown above with Ginger. Also, each box has the correct name for each of the Girl Power figures. The figures themselves stand 14cm (the bootleggers own words) tall. That's a little over five and a half inches for us Yanks. Obviously, there is no articulation on these things. But the paint job on all of these figures is outstanding. 

Wanna know what I really like about this set of figures? Well, the bootleggers that made these things have some balls of steel. Here's part of the text on the side of the box.

Now that's showing some nerve, eh?