Godzilla 1998

This figure turned up at the end of the summer of '98.  A complete rip off of the brand new toy that was released with the Godzilla movie.
The packaging is the same as the Godzilla you can find at your local toy store. Only the bootleggers have decided to call him "DINOSAUR"
This bootleg figure comes with a rocket launching tank and a missile and Godzilla's breath. In the authentic toy, Godzilla's breath is a clear blue missile-like accessory. in this figure it is army green.  If I get any more, I will open this one up and give you more details about the figure. This is the only bootleg figure I have seen of the new Godzilla. I suspect there may be more with different accessories.
The bubble is pretty fragile and is not glued down very well. In the middle of the bubble is a hole that you can put your finger through. Look very close. It is right around where his right knee is. Through this hole you can push the button located on Godzilla's right rib cage area. You get Godzilla's famous voice  when you push that button.
Why the bootleggers called this figure "DINOSAUR" is beyond me. On the back of the card is the same exact print you will find on the authentic Godzilla toy packages. All except for the copyrights and toy manufacturers name is on this package.  Also missing is the "Genuine Godzilla" logo that is on the authentic toy label.
I was really surprised to find a bootleg Godzilla action figure so quickly and to be honest with you, the makers of this figure did a really good job.
What do you think???

This is the figure in the original package. As you can see, the card is exactly the same as the authentic toy. Only the name of the figure has been changed.

Here is a close up of the figure and its accessories.

                                An extreme close up of Godzilla The Bootleg Monster.

Well, this is the first Godzilla bootleg toy. I have the Bandai Godzilla bootlegs that will come up later. 

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