Godzilla Wind Ups

Here are a couple of neat little Godzilla toys. They are wind ups. Woo Hoo! I don't know why, but I just think that wind up toys are really neat little things to play with. 

Here is the first Godzilla wind up. This guy stands about two inches tall. I forget which Godzilla figure this is supposed to be. 
Yup! That is a small dab of paint on Godzilla's chest.

This next Godzilla figure I almost overlooked. When I found these toys, I thought this was the same Godzilla as the one above. Good thing I took a second look at this guy. 

Here is a side shot of Godzilla. The spines on both of these Godzilla wind ups are painted silver.

Here's a little surprise for ya Japanese Monster fans. This here is a Gamera wind up toy. It's the only one I have. Like the Godzilla wind ups, this toy is about two inches tall. He has a little aqua blue paint job on his head, chest and back.

Speaking of Gamera's back, here it is. There is some pretty neat detail on all of these wind ups on this page. 
My congrats to the bootleggers for doing such a great job.


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