Gudnam X Bootleg Model

Here's  doozy of a bootleg. This is actually one of a series of Gundam Model bootleg toys. There are three in the series. This is one of them. I may eventually pick up the others.

Heh. Take a peek at the way the bootleggers spelled Gundam. I actually think this was a mistake. The other two models I saw were actually spelled correctly. Anyways, the box is plastic wrapped. The box measures 12" X 7" X 3". Getta load of the name of the manufacturer. It looks sorta like the Ban Dai logo. Only this company is called KS. 

Here is some of the text on the box....


Yes, it's bad English. But that's what makes this so fun. Okay, I haven't tried to put the thing together. But as soon as I do, I'll slap a pic of the finished model here. Also, as soon as I can, I'll snag the other two model kits in the series and share them with ya. If you are interested, the other models are of Gundam Airmaster and Gundam Leopard.