Gundam X

This set of bootleg toys come in two different sizes. The card artwork is basically the same for both scales. Just the size of the cards is different. Take a peek at the six inch figures pictured below.



The card features some Gundam artwork on the front. The back features pics of 2(?) different Gundam figures. The card measures about 11" X 8". No copyrights or trademarks anywhere. 
Funny thing. On the bottom right corner of the card front, that little gold rectangle has Item No 1998F printed in it. I wonder if these toys were made a couple of years ago and finally managed to show up here in the states?


Here is Gundam Double X.
This toy comes with three plastic rifles and a couple of swords. The figure stands about six inches tall. 
Remember, this is the smallest set of figures that I found. 


From head to toe, Gundam Airmaster stands just shy of six inches in height. The only accessories that come with this figure are two white guns.


Another Gundam Double X figure. Only this sucker is missing the thingamabob on the head.


The last figure is Gundam Airmaster Burst. He is supposed to be grey, orange, gold and green. Its body is almost the same as the white one pictured above. The only differences are the wings and the midsection of the figures.

Here are some other toys in the Gundam X bootleg line. Basically, the bootleggers just packaged a bigger Gundam figure on one card. The they made another bigger card and included three figures all in the same package.
Pictured below are Airmaster Burst ( blue figure) and Airmaster ( orange figure). These two figures are the only ones in this bootleg toy line that I have seen in this scale.


The larger Gundam figure as shown above are twelve inches in length. The package with the three figures sports a different card back.  If ya take a look at the cards, you will see that the artwork is different for these two figures.

Hey Jeff! Thanks a bunch for identifying the figures for me.