Hallo Betty Series Two

This is another Hello Kitty knock off set of figures that have been produced under the toy line name of Hallo Betty. Hmmmm, after looking over the packaging, do the bootleggers really think they're fooling anybody? But then again, maybe they aren't trying to fool us.


Yup! The bootleggers aren't trying to fool us. It seems that they have intentionally packaged this toy line so the unwitting buyer would think that this is actually Hello Kitty. 
Okay, what can I tell ya about this? Well there are twelve figures all together in this series. The bootleggers were kind enough to picture them all on the packaging. To complete the whole set of twelve figures, you'd think you would only have to buy two different sets. But noooooo! The bootleggers didn't package them this way. Take a look at the pics below and you'll see that I'm missing one or two figures cuz the bootleggers packaged the same figure twice. 

  I don't know the origin of the molds that were used for these figures. But I am pretty sure that these Hallo Betty figures are supposed to be based on the signs of the Zodiac. I can't tell you exactly which zodiac signs are represented. But I do know that I managed to pick up two packages and neither one of them has the figure that represents my sign. I'm a Libra. So I guess for completeness sakes, I may have to go out and find another set that has a Libra figure in it. Shoot. I'm gonna have to go spend another couple of bucks.