Harry Potter Magic Series 

Okay, as I write this, everybody is waiting for the first Harry Potter movie to hit the theatres. Now personally, I am an avid reader. Usually, I read science fiction, fantasy and an occasional non fiction book. Despite the recommendations of my friends, I have resisted the temptation to pick up a Harry Potter book. Oh, I suppose I'll break down eventually. But right now I have about eight books sitting in my bookcase that I want to get around to reading before I go snagging any new books. 
So with that said, here is one of the first bootleg Harry Potter toys that I have seen so far. 


Okay, this bootleg toy series is called Harry Potter Magic Series. On the bottom of the card (not shown in the pic) it says "Mini Figurine With Story Scope". Well, I ran a search on Harry Potter and Story Scope. I figured out what that was about. But I couldn't find the original figures that these Harry Potter toys are based on. This bootleg toy series features six characters from Harry Potter. The only articulation that all the figures have is just at the arms and neck. Now, take a peek...

The first three figures are Harry Potter, somebody I can't ID and Ron Weasley


Harry stands 4.5" tall and comes with an owl and a broom. The guy with no name stands 4.5" too. He comes with a book of spells the same owl Harry is packaged with and a small staff. Ron Weasley, from foot to the top of his hat stands 4.5" (anybody see a trend here?). Ron's accessories include a mouse, small staff and a purple vase(?). 

Next are Headmaster Dumbledore, Hermione Granger and Rubeus Hagrid

The three figures above all stand the same height. Anybody wanna guess how tall?  Headmaster Dumbledore's accessories include the owl, a small staff and a book of spells. So is this owl like really prominent in the books? Hermione Granger also comes with the owl. Also included with the owl is the same vase (?) that Ron Wealey has and the same small staff. Last but not least, Rubeus Hagrid. The big guy comes with that same vase. Heck! Is it supposed to be a vase or what? and some kinda black bowling ball with wings and a tail. I know, I know. It's not a bowling ball. But the darn thing doesn't have any facial features at all. Okay,if I read the darn books, I'd know the significance of the accessories. But I haven't. So tough. You are just gonna have to get by with my lousy descriptions. 
Okay. The cards these figures are mounted on measure in at 6" X 10". Pretty flimsy cardboard. The back of the card is just plain old white carboard. My guess is all the art on the card has been ripped off. From where? I don't know. 
So anyways, this is probably the first peek many of you are getting at any bootleg Harry Potter figures. But you can be sure that there are plenty of others. Heh. I suppose that if you come back soon. You'll find some other Harry Potter bootleg toys on this site. Honest.