Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

Here is another Harry Potter bootleg toy set. Based on the pic that is on the card, this set was manufactured after the bootleggers were able to get their hands on a pic from the movie. I picked this up a couple of weeks after the first Harry Potter movie came out. So it seems that the bootleggers moved pretty fast to get this to the market. 



Not too shabby looking eh? Another set of mini figures. This one comes with six of the main characters from the series. The card measures in at 11" X 7.5". The back of the card is just plain old white cardboard. If I remember correctly. This set of figures cost me only a couple of bucks. 
The figures in this set feature the expected crummy paint jobs. I guess the size of the figures makes it pretty hard for the monkeys that paint them to stay between the lines. And the eyes! Oh the eyes!!! Well, you'll see.



I guess the colors are kinda accurate. Believe me when I tell ya that the paint jobs are much worse than they appear in the pics. See what I mean about the eyes? Harry and The Headmaster are the only two figures that are spared the "Dude, that's some pretty good shit. Can you get me some more?" look. The paint jobs on the eyes is absolutely frightening. 
Like most mini figures, there is no articulation on these bad boys. The figures range in height from about two inches to a towering two and a half inches in height. 
Y'know, there's nothing really outstanding about this bootleg toy set. But what the heck! The price was right, eh?