Harry Potter Tri-Lingual Bootleg Toys

So far, out of all the bootleg Harry Potter toys I've picked up, this is the best of the bunch. Well packaged with sturdy cards. These bootleg figures could fool a parent who isn't really paying attention to what they are buying. A cool thing about this bootleg toys series is that it has a couple of characters that I haven't seen bootlegged yet.


Okay. The card measures in at 11"X7.5".. The card is pretty made of pretty sturdy stuff for bootleg toy packaging. Each figure in the series comes with its own insert. The card features three languages. English, French and I want to say Spanish. But it doesn't look like any spanish I know. So maybe the third language is Italian. I have no idea where the figures for this series were ripped off from. Same goes for the packaging. Note the lack of trademark or copyright info anywhere on the package. There are seven figures in this series. Pictured above is the three headed dog, Fluffy. Below are the remaining figures in the series.

Above are Professor Snape, Rubeus Hagridand Harry Potter. The only really giveaway that these things are bootlegs are the quality of the plastic the figures are made out of. Well, that and the crummy looking facial features. I mean, Harry really, really needs to get out in the sun and get some color.

The remaining figures are Norbert (Hagrid's dragon), Headmaster Dumbledore and Ron Weasley.


Now like I said, these things are pretty good looking figures for bootleg toys. So if any of you come across any trilingual Harry Potter figures, you may want to take a very good look at them. Just to make sure they are the real deal.