Hallo Betty


Well, I have seen tons and tons of Hello Kitty bootleg items. Mostly in the form of plastic wallets, pencil holders, erasers and other items. But I have never really seen any Hello Kitty bootleg items that can sorta be called a bootleg toy. 
That is, until now.  Get this, these toys are actually based on some Hello Kitty figures that were released in '99. These figures are each supposed to represent the animals from the Chinese calender.

This certainly screams Hello Kitty. Don't ya think? That's Hello Kitty drawn at the top of the card (or at least a close enough resemblance). And the name of this toy line, Hallo Betty? Yup! That's gonna fool absolutely nobody!
The card these little plastic figures come on measures about 12" X 8". Every single one of the Hello Kitty figures pictured on the card has been produced. There are two different packages featuring Hello Kitty in six different disguises. 

Both of the Hallo Betty sets of figures feature the bootleg Hello Kitty figure dressed up as some kind of animal. This set features bootleg Hello Kitty as (clockwise from the top) a bull, bear, sheep, horse, dog and fish (middle).



How about a closer look at the figures? This is part of the set featured in the picture at the top of the page. 
Pictured here are bootleg Hello Kitty as a tiger, snake, rat and chicken. Not pictured from this set are bootleg Hello Kitty as a rabbit and a pig. 


I have no idea what the mystique behind Hello Kity is. So I certainly couldn't explain to ya the reasons why the bootleggers made the bootleg Hello Kitty figures dressed up as animals. Oh, and this isn't the only Hallo Betty set available. There is another completely different set floating around. I suspect they'll show up someday somewhere else on the net.