Herbie The Furby Knock Off

Well, you have seen Foobie. You have seen the Furby Squeeze figure. Someday soon, I'll show ya the Furbish. But for now, you are gonna have to settle for Herbie. No, not Herbie The Love Bug, but Herbie the Furby knock off.



This is the top of the box. As you can see, Herbie is 14cm tall. Or for us Americans, he is 5.5 inches tall.  
The shape of the box certainly looks similar to a Furby box.



The back of the box features a couple of Herbie figures. I have only seen Herbie in two colors, brown and black. Never saw the grey one pictured on the box. 
One of the blurbs on the package includes "I will say many phrases".



Here is Herbie in all his knock off splendor. As you can see, he really doesn't look to much like a Furby. The box is shaped similar to a Furby box.  
The eyes and beak of Herbie are patches that have been sewed on to the animal. 
Herbie's sensor is located below the mouth just at the point where the brown fur meets the white fur.

This figure runs on two AA batteries. They are located in a small pouch in the back of Herbie. The pouch is held close by some velcro. 
Herbie speaks when you block the light going into the sensor or when you move him. Herbie has a wide range of phrases, including "Hi. Have a nice day", "Don't worry" and "Let's go play!". All of these phrases are prefaced with a silly little giggle.  
Okay, this toy doesn't look like a Furby. But the bootleggers certainly have taken the Furby concept and toyed (pun intended) around with it.  

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