Marvel Team Up

This two pack features a couple of characters from two different toy lines. They have been packaged under the toy line name of Marvel Team Up.


Yes, that cruddy artwork features a barely recognizable Hercules on the left. On the right is a drawing of a Tarzan variant from the Trendmaster Tarzan toy line. The Marvel Team Up logo is exactly the same as the Marvel Team Up series featuring Batman and Superman. I don't know who cut the edge of the card or why.
The card measures in at 10" X 7.5".

Here are the two figures that are featured in this two pack. One of them is Iolaus. The other figure in this two pack is The Leopard Man. He's from the "Tarzan" line put out by
TRENDMASTERS a few years ago. A Big Thanks to "The Doc" for identifying The Leopard Man and Tarzan in the artwork.


The Iolaus figure stands five inches tall. The Leopard Man, from head to toe is only about four inches tall. That spotted accessory next to Iolaus' right hand is the head of a leopard. That accessory belongs to The Leopard Man. 
I sure wish I would have found one of the two packs that has Hercules in it. I wonder what figure Hercules was teamed up with?

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