Hercules And Xena

Here are some bootleg toys featuring Hercules and Xena. I have had these toys since sometime in 1997. You used to find them everywhere. Now though, they are not so common and are a little more difficult to find.
Here are the Two Packs featuring Hercules and Xena.

There are four different sets of figures in this series. Two of them feature Xena in them.  I never really collected the Hercules The Legendary Adventures toys myself, so I don't know if two packs of the authentic toys were really made. This could be something that the bootelggers put together themselves.
The Xena figure in both of these bootlegs is wearing a grey outfit. She has no underwear on. Did they make the real toy like this too? Her boots are painted orange with black stripes for the boot laces. The funny thing about all the figures on this page is the eyes. The bootleggers had a hard time painting the eyes. They painted the eyes by just painting a little dot in the eyeball.

Here is a pic of the packaging for these figures. This two pack features two Hercules figures. Hercules I and Hercules III. Hercules III does not come with his Assault Blades. Accessories included in this package are the Spinning Mace, and a couple of swords.


Now for close ups of the figures in this set. I have four different two packs. Pictured below are Xena and Hercules. The only accessories included with this two pack are Xena's shield and some swords. Noticce how the accessories aren't secured very well in this package? This is pretty common for bootlegged toys.

This next close up features Xena and Iolaus. Again, the accessories included are Xena's shield and a couple of swords. There are also a couple of mace balls in this set.


This close up is of the package with the two Hercules figures.

Lastly, here is a two pack with Hercules and Iolaus. This two pack comes with a couple of swords, the mace ball and that pouch(?) next to Iolaus.


Well, that's it for the Hercules and Xena two packs of bootleg figures. I'm pretty sure that these are the only four two packs in this bootleg series.

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