Hercules The Legendary Journeys Figures

Well, from the title above, it's pretty obvious what these figures are all about. Actually, these are kinda old figures that I dug up recently. Heh. I forgot that I even had them. From what I remember, these toys came and went pretty fast. But that's just my experience out where I live. With the popularity of Xena and Hercules, I wouldn't be surprised if these bootleg toys are still available somewhere.

This is what the toys look like in the package:


 As you can see, the packaging isn't quite right. The Pic of Hercules shouldn't be covered by the figure. And get a load of the card back. Featured are a mish mash of different figures. Also, there is one huge bar code. What's with the pic of the electronic sword? 
I am pretty sure that there are five figures in this bootleg toy series. For some reason, the bootleggers omitted the action description of Xena. 

First up is Iolaus. He comes with a catapult, spiked balls (not those balls) and a sword. 
If Iolaus is wearing boots, I can't tell. His legs are painted all black.
This is Hercules II. 
Archery Combat Hercules actually looks like he is grinning. One of this figure's legs is actually a darker brown than the other leg. Like Iolaus above, this figure is not wearing any boots.

The third figure in this series is Hercules I. He comes with an iron spike and spinning mace. This figure is  much more somber looking than the happy Hercules pictured above. 
I don't understand it! Why didn't the bootleggers give these figures some boots???

Last but not least is Xena. A truly horrendous looking figure. Xena is sporting some orange and black boots. I don't know what to say about this figure except that Xena is truly bizzare looking.   

Well, that's it for now. I may or may not have the fifth figure in this bootleg series. If I do have it, the figure is Hercules III with Herculean Assault Blades. I stumbled across these in my garage. So the fifth figure is probably buried somewhere in there. As soon as I dig it up, I'll post it. For those of ya that can't wait, check out the two packs elsewhere on this site for a peek at Hercules III.

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