The i.Dog

Well, I am sure if you are a computer user, you have heard of the imac. Apple Computer's product that took the computer world by storm. Well, the imac inspired a couple of knock off computers that were incredibly similar to the imac. 
Along with the computers, an incredible amount of other translucent items have come along. Some of them include the iSub ( a sub woofer), the  iEar ( a mini radio), the iVac ( a handheld vacuum cleaner) and the list goes on and on. Heck! Somebody even customized an iMac and put it up for auction on Ebay. What did they call it? The PikaMac! I'm not kidding. Click HERE if ya wanna see the specs on THAT.
Now there are several toys that have jumped on the imac bandwagon and been produced with translucent colors. This is one of them. The


I thought this wasn't a bootleg toy. But according to Tristan Kirkpatrick, this sucker sure does seem to be based on the Sony autonomous robot dog called the Aibo. also takes its cue from the iMac. So I guess we have a toy that has managed to rip off Sony and Apple all in one fell swoop. As a matter of fact, comes in several different flavors just like the iMac. Other colors I have seen come in are lime, tangerine and strawberry. 
What are the specs on Well, measures about 5 inches tall and five inches long. is controlled by a wired remote control (also produced in translucent colors). The remote control allows you to make bark and light up a light that is in his head. also wags his tail as he walks. is produced by a company called wailam that is based in Hong Kong. No, I wasn't fixed up with by somebody in Hong Kong. It's just that all the company info is on this package. 
I personally got a kick out of this toy when I saw it. So I just had to pick it up to show it to you. Waddaya think?

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