Independence Day Bootlegs

Here are some bootleg toys featuring figures from the toy line for the 1997 hit movie, Independence Day. The alien invasion movie that had even me cheering at the end. So what if there were some serious plot holes in this flick? It was a serious Feel Good movie. Man, even I was ready to go kick some alien butt!
I assume these figures are from the movie Independence Day. Or are they could be from the movie Universal Soldier. Take a look at the card. It seems the bootleggers couldn't make up their minds.
It seems the bootleggers decided to name this line of action figures  DD4 Universal Soldier. The card artwork shows a ship firing a bolt of energy down at a planet. The font for the DD4 portion is clearly from Independence Day. I can't figure out why the heck they included Universal Soldier on the card.
Anyways, there are three figures in this set. The President from the movie Independence Day, Jeff Goldblum's character and Will Smith's character.
I have no idea how accurate the colors of the figures clothing and accessories are. But if the originals colors are what is shown on the back of the card, then these figures miss the mark some.

Here ya go.....!!!

First, a shot of the front and back of the package. I think this is a really neat looking logo on the front of card. The drawing I suppose is the alien ship firing down on the planet Earth.
The card measures about ten and a half inches by seven and a half inches. Flimsy bubble, but better than the bubbles on other bootleg toy packaging.
The back of the card has no trademarks or copyrights as per the bootleg toy manufacturers standards. Shown are the three figures I have. On the bottom of the card are the words "Computer Mission". Next to the words are a series of pics showing what looks like different alien and computer scenes. I don't know where this artwork originated from.


Here are close ups of the figures. I don't know how accurate the paint jobs on the figures and accessories are. If anybody knows, I would appreciate it if you would drop me a line with the info.

    Here is the Will Smith character



Jeff Goldblum's character


This is the President

Well, that is it for this line of bootleg toys. Nothing too exciting. Looks like the bootleggers did a pretty good job with these figures. I especially like the work they did on the card.

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