Here it is!!! Probably the rarest bootleg toy in the world!!! This toy was my own personal Holy Grail. I saw it once a couple of years ago and passed on it. Boy was I sorry I did too. I never saw it again. But I finally found one to call my own.
What toy am I talking about??
It's called SuperHero. This toy is not really a bootleg toy so much as a knock off. This toy was sold only in India around 1992. It is made by a company called Funskool.
The card this toy is on is a made of a rather flimsy cardboard. The card is black with a drawing of Superman on it. The back of the card features G.I. Joe (International Hero. Not An american Hero like we see in the USA)  characters.

First up is the whole card front. The card measures approximately 9" X 6". The figure is located in a bubble in the lower left right corner of the card.


Here is a closer shot of the figure. The Superman figure measures about four inches tall. His face doesn't have any resemblance at all to Superman The cape is made of a red cloth. There is a knife molded to the outside of his right thigh. On the left leg, there are what appear to be three pockets.



This is the back of the card. There are drawings of nineteen different G.I. Joe characters on the bottom half of the card. The top half reads as follows:
SuperHero is released as a special collectors item. SuperHero is made by Funskool, the company which makes an exciting range of G.I. Joe figures, accessories, weapons and vehicles.

The card goes on more about the G.I. Joe toy line. The above paragraph is the only mention of the Superman knock off figure. So I guess I have a special collectors item?? Wonderful!!!!!


Well, that's it!!! This is probably the toughest unauthorized toy to find in the world. Yes, even tougher than my Silverbat. If you know of any other toy that may be even more difficult to find, please let me know so I can have something else to look for.


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