Iron Man/ Space Star 

Below are two different Iron Man bootleg series that are mysteriously similar. There are obviously differences in the packaging. But other than that, I get a feeling that the same bootleggers made these sets. 
First, the IRON MAN bootlegs:


Okay, I admit it, I don't know which Iron Man figure is featured above. My best guess though is that it is War Machine. Next to him is Iron Man's enemy, Mandarin. While the armor is included with War Machine, his weapon accessories are noticably missing. 


The Space Star bootlegs are packaged very similar to the Iron Man bootleg toys pictured above. However, pictured behind the figures on the backer board are six figures that quite possible are included in this bootleg toy line. Below are Backlash and Iron Man Hydro Armor ( folks, that's just a guess). 
Other figures that could be part of this bootleg series are Blacklash, Mandarin, Spider-Woman, War Machine and Iron Man. 
The card these figures are mounted on measure in at 6.5" X 10". The Iron Man bootleg cards measure in at a slightly larger 8" X 11" card. 


Say, get a load at the Mandarin's card that was included with the figure. There's a typo that gives away the fact that this is a bootleg. 


The figures on this page are based on the 1994 Iron Man toy series. So while I just recently picked these up (it's Nov of 2001), I have a feeling that these bootleg toys were produced several years ago. Now while I'd like to take credit for finding these figures, I can't. These were found up in Canada by my friend Kevin Moore. Now between you and me, Kevin is up there along with several others as one of the nicest people I've met on the internet. The guy goes out of his way to help not just me, but dozens of others find stuff that we are interested in. So how about a big shout out to Kevin!!!