Ultraman Lantern Festival Toy

Here is a truly bizarre Ultraman item. I found this in the Chinatown district of Los Angeles. It is without a doubt Ultraman. Definitely not an action figure. Sorta like a toy. But this toy has limited play value if ya ask me.
If ya don't know what the Lantern Festival is, well, neither did I. Until I asked a friend. I'd explain it to ya, but it would take to long. Suffice to say, it is a Chinese Holiday.

This thing features Ultraman riding a motorcycle. It's made of plastic but with a really glossy sheen to it. The bike measures about eight inches in length. The height of this toy is about seven inches. 
Yup! Those are Ultraman stickers on the sides of the motorcycle.
That heart shaped thingamabob in the pic does serve a purpose.


Here is a front shot of the toy. Ultraman's eyes are green and you can actually see into the toy. The toy itself is hollow. 
Oh, and the wheels on the motorcycle do spin. So you can roll it around the house if ya like. 


Here is the really cool feature of this toy. There is a cable attached to the toy. On it is an on/off switch. That heart shape that was in the first pic above has a sound chip in it. It plays some music with a Chinese theme. And boy does it play the music loud too. 
I think it would have been really cool if the lights would flash on and off. But they don't. 
Oh, and where did the makers of this toy get the idea to put Ultraman on a motorcycle? Well, in Japan, there is a motorcycle team that sends out people on motorcycles dressed as Ultraman for promotional reasons during racing season. So that must be where they got the idea for this toy.
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