Jonny Quest

Here is my lone Jonn Quest bootleg toy. I found this in a shop that had one or two of a few different bootleg toy series that I had never seen anywhere else. So I wonder if maybe this shop has a different source than the swap meet dealers that I normally find my bootleg toys. 

Below are the front and back of the card. Somebody cut the corner of the card. Don't know who or why. I have never picked up any Jonny Quest toys. So I really don't know much about this series. 
The card measures 11" X 8". As you can see, the front of the card has no name. Just the Jonny Quest logo. The back of the card features a number of shots of different Jonny Quest toy lines. Based on the descriptions on the back, the set I have is part of the "Real World Collections". 
As usual, no trademarks or copyrights anywhere on the card. 



One thing about the card. On the back, there is a sticker with the following: 
Art No: 4753-5037
Pack: 5/10pc/6.8'
Dept Ref: 29/98
Under the sticker is a logo on the card that has the following: 
Tiem No 1998U.
I bet that this bootleg toy was produced sometime in 1998. 

Here are a couple of close ups of the figures in the set. 
This first one is Deep Sea Race. Race is barefoot. But there are some fins, diving equipment and a gun for Race. I have no idea if the colors match the "real" toy line. But I bet there are some differences. 

 The other figure in the set is Safari Stryker Hadji. Hadji comes with a big knife, whip and tiger. Based on the pic on the card back, there are some obvious differences from the "real" figure.

All in all, this set really isn't all that spectacular a bootleg toy set. It's a bootleg toy from a toy line that I don't have a bootleg of. Otherwise, nothing really bizarre or unusual to talk about. 

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