Transformer Bootleg Toy: Sky Garry
Okay, this is a big one! I mean this Transformer bootleg toy is HUGE!
Take a look at this!

    This Transformer bootleg toy has been produced under the toy line name of Jungle Robot. It has some nice Transformer art on the card that was probably lifted from some authentic Transformer toy. The card that this Transformer bootleg is mounted on measures a whopping 20" X 15". And the people who sell this toy (and other Transforming toys) figure that size equals cash. These toys usually sell from around nine to twelve bucks. Ouch!! That's kinda pricey if you ask me. 
    The figure is Sky Garry and he comes with some stickers on the sides of his legs that say Sky Garry. 
    Sky Garry measures in at a whopping thirteen inches tall. At his widest point, Sky Garry is 8.5" wide. Whew! He appears to have been produced in his original colors. 
Sky Garry comes with four missiles, a blue stand (what's it used for?) and another stand that has a head shape and a couple of blocks next to it. Sky Garry also is armed with two rifles in his hands. 
    On the back of the card are some instructions for assembling the toy. But they make no rhyme or reason. There are three operations numbered 1, two operations numbered 2, a couple of 3s, a 4 and a 5. The numbered instructions come in no particular order. 

Here are close ups of Sky Garry and his weapons: 



    Wow! This is one very impressive toy. I love it just for the sheer size of the thing. Wow! 


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