Total Justice Two Pack Bootleg Toys

    The bootleg toys on this page were probably the hardest ones for me to locate. Here's why:
    A couple of years ago, I found one of these Total Justice bootleg sets at a swap meet. The guy who was selling them had more, but I only  bought one set 'cause I figured I could come back the next week and get more.
Well, I came back the next week and the guy who was selling the bootleg toys wasn't there. He wasn't there the next week either. As a matter of fact, I never saw that dealer again. Ever!
Needless to say, I was stuck with only one Total Justice bootleg two pack. And I wanted more!
    Believe me, now, whenever I ever see a new bootleg toy, I don't pass on it anymore. I pick it up the first time I see it. Only 'cause I remember my lesson with these TJ figures.
    So anyways, I had been stuck with one Total Justice bootleg two pack for years. I have always been reluctant to post it 'cause I only had one. Well, one day while I was out hunting down the Star Wars Episode I bootleg video, I came across this dealer who had a bunch of bootleg toys. I started rooting through some of his toys and there they were!!! Total Justice two packs. The guy only had a couple. But they were a couple that I didn't have. Woo Hoo!!!
So for your viewing pleasure, here are the Total Justice bootleg two pack toys.

    FYI: All these figures come on a Flash card. The bubble is really, really fragile. None of the two packs I have are in very good shape. Pictured on the back of the card are Batman, Robin, The Flash, Aquaman, Darkseid and Green Lantern. So I bet somewhere out there is a two pack with Green Lantern in it.
    Aw, what the heck! Here is what the figures look like on the card. Also, here is the back of the card. The back of the card is kinda unique. Usually the bootleggers do not add a bar code to the back of the card of a toy line that they are counterfeiting. You may see a bar code on a knock off toy. But very seldom do you actually see a bar code on the back of a legitimate bootleg toy line.
    The card these figures come on measure 10" X 7.5". Like I said, the bubbles are really very fragile and smash quite easily.



Now On to the figures:

Aquaman and The Flash:
This is the very first Total Justice bootleg toy I found back I think in 97. It was pretty lonely. Every time I took it out, it screamed at me to find more two packs.
Check out the Robin disk that the bootleggers packed in the bubble. Why did they do this? Your guess is as good as mine.

This second package features Robin and Darkseid. What the heck is that yellow thing on top of Robin?

This two pack features Batman and Aquaman. Apparently the bootleggers didn't care who got packed with who. So there are probably all kinds of combinations of two packs. 


This last two pack features DarkSeid and The Green Lantern. Notice that GL is missing the logo on his chest?


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