Las Guerra De Las Galaxias

The War Of The Stars. That's roughly what the above translates to. What does this have to do with this particular toy? Well, I finally found a Mexican Star Wars bootleg toy. It's about time if ya ask me. 
Here. Take a look.

Okay. Lessee, ya got the Star Wars logo on this poor, cheap cardboard backer card. The card artwork features characters from the original Star Wars trilogy. But as ya can see, the figures aren't based on the original Star Wars trilogy. NosireeBob! That's Darth Maul and a Battle Droid under the bubble. Heh. The bubble isn't even glued to the card. The bootleggers actually stapled the bubble to the card. 


The Battle Droid stands just a shade under four inches tall. It's actually about half as thick as the "real" Battle Droid figure. As far as Darth Maul goes, well, let just let the picture speak for itself. Wait. What's the pic saying???? How about "Bwah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"
Old DM stands about 2.3/4 inches tall. No light saber for this figure. Yes, that's actually plastic under DM's left arm. The bootleggers didn't take the time to clean the figure up before packaging it. Oh. One final thing. Neither of these figures sports any articulation. 
To tell ya the truth, I've been keeping an eye out for any bootleg Star Wars figures every time I go to Mexico. Well, I finally found a street vendor who had one. And one was all he had. So I scooped it up and headed on back to the states with it. Okay, Okay. Me and my buddies also made a side stop for a few shots of Tequila before heading back to the states.