Okay, here are more Batman bootleg toys. This time from the Legends Of The Dark Knight line of action figures. 
Almost every figure from this toy line has been bootlegged through the first two series. 
One of the Legends Of The Dark Knight bootleg series is called Legends Extreme. I might post those figures at a later date. Actually, the figures that were made under the Legends Extreme packaging were also made in the regular LODK packaging.  
The following six figures are all from the second Legends Of The Dark Knight series. They are all carded on legends Of  The Dark Knight packages. The cards are considerably smaller than the authentic toys. The cards of these bootleg figures measure approximately 11.5 inches by 7.25 inches. The Bat symbol is cut off by the hanger portion of the card. 


Here is Glacier Shield Batman. You can see some noticable differences between this figure and the "real" figure. The cape and climbing spikes are more blue than white. As a matter of fact, the cape on the bootleg figure is missing completely. Also, the paint job on the figure is missing some white along the thighs. Also, notice the poor paint job of the Bat logo on the figure's chest.
Glacier Shield Batman
Next up is the Panther Prowl Catwoman. Again, there are some noticable differences from the real toy. The paint job is poor in getting the facial expression of the figure. There is a blank look to the figure's face. Also a small paint variation in that there is no skin showing on the catwoman's shoulders. The bubble of this toy is smaller than the real toy. Note how the whip is packaged? In the authentic toy, the whip is unfurled. Also the accessory is missing a piece. 
Here is The Joker. The figure is exactly the same as the authentic toy except for a couple of minor details. First the packaging in the bubble is slighly different. The slot for the gun is on the left side. The Jokers face and the little clown accessory are grey instead of whie. Also The Joker's teeth are not painted white. While not visible in the picture, the seams where the exploding suit meet are not flush together like the real toy. There is a good size gap. This is a really good bootleg figure. 
The Joker
Here is the Twister Strike Scarecrow bootleg figure. Again, there are variations in the coloring of the figure.The authentic figure has a more golden color to its limbs and hair. Also,  the pants on the bootleg toy are grey instead of beige. One more difference in the figures involve a lack of a good paint job in the teeth. Also, the handle of the scythe in the bootleg is more of a pinkish hue while the "real" figure's scythe has a brown handle. 
The Scarecrow
Next up is the Bat Attack Batman. Well, there are paint differences again in the bootelg. The Batman is painted White and violet in this bootleg with green along the lower portion of the legs. The shade of the accessories is also off slightly.  
Bat Attack Batman
Last in this new series of bootleg LODK figures is Bane. Bane is in my opinion, one of the best LODK figures to be produced. This bootleg figure like all the rest, has some minor paint variations. Mostly in his belt and knee pads. The bootleg figure has these parts painted an avocado green. Also, the bands along his legs are not painted red like the authentic toy. Bane's stinger gauntlet is also not painted red. It is more of an orange. Of all the LODK bootlegs, this is probably my favorite. At least until Man Bat is bootlegged. 

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