LODK Biker Batman

Here is a great bootleg toy that takes Batman just a little bit farther than your typical bootleg Batman figure.  


Yup! That's Batman on a motorcycle. Pretty cool looking if ya ask me. Of course, the card this toy comes on is a huge Legends Of The Dark Knight card. The card measures in at 14.5" X 10". Based on the pics on the back of the card, there are four different figures in this bootleg toy series. 


The Batman figure is the same scale as regular LODK Batman figure you would find on the toy shelves. But I have no idea where the motorcycle came from.


Getta load of the front of the motorcycle. The bat logo is mounted on some flames. 



This is one very cool Batman bootleg toy. Simply cuz the bootleggers have taken the LODK figure and done something different with it. I hope that I can eventually get the rest of the figures in this series.