Los Superheroes

Here is a nice set of Mexican bootleg figures. These toys are packaged under the toy line name of Los Superheroes.

Above is The Thing from The Fantastic Four. The card this figure is mounted on is made from really flimsy cardboard. The fragile bubble isn't even glued to the card. The bootleggers stapled the bubble to the card. The card measures in at 9" X 6". While the packaging is pretty cheap. This set of toys sports some cool artwork featuring a variety of super heroes from both Marvel and DC comics.
Heh. Gettaload of the cowboy hat that comes packaged with The Thing.

First up is Mr. Fantastic from The Fantastic Four. Note the shabby paint job? That sticker on his chest is a bit large. But at least it sorta looks like the 4 logo the FF really use. Sorta.
Mr. Fantastic comes with three different rifles and stands five inches tall..
Here's Johnny Storm. The Human Torch. Y'know, the FF used to be my favorite comic book. But I could never get used to The Torch as a figure. I mean, I know he's supposed to look like he is flaming. But this look always struck me as kinda dorky. 
Of course, this figure is dorkier than usual.


The third figure in this set is The Thing. Of course, this isn't the same Thing we all know and love. No sir! This is Bootleg Thing. 
Bootleg Thing is gray with yellow eyes. Bootleg Thing also is wearing some red trunks. 
Bootleg Thing stands about 5" tall. Pretty cheesy looking if ya ask me. But I love this take of one of my favorite characters.


Superman's angled here cuz this is the way he was packaged. Y'know, if he was painted decent, this would be a cool looking color scheme for The Man Of Steel. Heh. Sky blue trunks.
I like the way that S logo covers all of Bootleg Superman's chest. It's very.......different.
Take a good look at Superman's cape. Notice anything funny about it? Well, that cape actually belongs with a Batman figure.
Superman also stands 5" tall and comes with the same three weapons that Mr. Fantastic comes packaged with.


Last figure up is The Hulk. Hmmmm, overall, this guy isn't really too bad. That's if you can overlook those freaky eyes on this guy.
The Hulk stands just over 4.5" and comes packaged with three black rifles.



Well, this is one heckuva neat bootleg toy set. I only have these five figures. But if I ever can score others, they would be a great addition to my collection.