Magic Series Mini Figures

Here are some Harry Potter figures that are packaged under the Magic Series bootleg toy line. The card is basically the same as the other Harry Potter Magic Series on this site. But the scale and the figures themselves are different. 

The card these figures come mounted on measures in at a measly 7"X4". Nothing on the back side. The cool thing about these figures is that they are totally different from the other Magic Series bootleg figures. 

Here are close ups of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger (I think) and Gandalf. Oops! I mean Headmaster Dumbledore.


The other two figures in this series are Rubeus Hagrid  and Ron Weasley with his rat (or is it a rat?) Scabbers


So there ya have it! Five more Harry Potter bootleg figures. These really are just little mini statues. No articulation at all. Which I suppose is a good thing. Since these three inched sized figures would probably fall apart mighty fast if you could move their body parts around.