Superman: Man Of Steel


This is another set of bootleg toys featuring toys based on the Man Of Steel toy line. I have had these figures in my collection since at least late 1998. Probably longer. I really don't remember when I picked them up. 

Here is one of the figures on the card:



  There are four Superman figures in this series. The bubble these figures are mounted under are extremely fragile. They get squished pretty easily.
As you can see on the card back, there are sixteen different pictures of figures. While I would like to think that all of the figures pictured on the back have been bootlegged. I am only positive about eight of them. Some of the toys depicted on the back I would love to see in bootleg form. Especially the Matrix Conversion Coupe. 
The play instructions for all three of the figures in this series has also been included on the card back. Per the usual bootleggers scheme, no trademarks or copyright info can be located anywhere on the packaging.

This is Ultra Shield Superman. I don't have the real figures in my own collection. But I am willing to bet that the color schemes on all of the figures in this series is waaaay off. 


Next up is Solar Suit Superman. Of the three figures in this series, Solar Suit Superman features the worst paint job. 
While not visible in the picture, there are several blotchy areas of paint on this figure.


The last figure of the series is Street Guardian Superman. This particular Superman figure is the most impressive in the series. He actually looks almost like a genuine toy. 



Well, I thought that there were only three Superman figures in this bootleg toy series. But Tim Priebe saw these figures and Tim has a Superman figure from this series that I have never seen. 
This is the pic that Tim was kind enough to send me so I could share it with ya all. 
Quite frankly, I wish this one was in my collection. Why? Well, Superman's in his costume. He's not wearing any of those bullshit outfits that the other figures are wearing. 
Come on! This is the Man Of Steel! He shouldn't be dressed up in solar suits or jackets! Right??
Thanks a bunch for the pic Tim!

This set of bootleg toys doesn't really feature anything to distinguish it from any other bootleg toy series. Well, I guess the quality of the figures themselves is a shade better than other figures based on the Man Of Steel molds. But I cannot complain. The toys are based on Superman! You can't go wrong (in my opinion) with a bootleg toy series based on The Man Of Steel. 
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