Batman Marble Shooter

This is a toy that I have been trying to hunt down for years now. I have asked my friends and family all over the country, no make that all over the world to keep an eye out for it. Well, one of my buddies finally found one for me. This particular Batman bootleg turned up in Malaysia. My good friend Ee (that's not a typo) found it for me. Needless to say, when this toy showed up in my mailbox, I was more than thrilled to have it. Finally. My hunt for this toy is over. 
Anyways, take a look!

Now this toy is packaged under the toy line name of Power Hero. This isn't the first incarnation of Batman as "Power Hero". Actually, it seems that Power Hero is a good generic name for almost any superhero. 
The card this toy comes on measures in at a little over 9.5" X 6.5 inches. The instructions feature a generic looking hero (maybe a take off of a Power Ranger?) on the bottom right corner of the card. 
A funny thing about this packaging is that the bootleggers didn't bother to glue the bubble to the card. Instead, the bubble has just been stapled down. 


Here is a close up of Marble Shooting Batman. As you can see, it's an animated Batman figure. The figure has articulation only at the arms and legs. Batman stands about five inches tall. I suppose the cape is missing because it would interfere with the marble shooting feature of the toy. 


This is one hell of a toy! It was well worth the wait to finally get my hands on one of these. The concept of a marble shooting Batman figure just captures my imagination completely. Without a doubt, this Batman bootleg goes almost straight to the of the list as my favorite bootleg toy. Almost being the key word. It'll take a lot to knock old Silverbat from the number one spot.