Marvel Team Up Bootlegs


Okay, here are some bootleg figures from a series called Marvel Team Up. The only thing is, these toys do not feature any Marvel Comics characters. Instead, this series features Batman and Superman bootleg figures. Now everybody knows Batman and Superman are DC comics characters. If you didn't know that, well, now you do. :-)  FYI, I found these particular toys sometime in early 1997. While they were quite easy to find at one time, the supply has virtually dried up put her on the West coast. I do know that these figures are showing up on the East coast of the U.S right now with some small changes to the packaging.

There are eight different sets in this series. Each set features a Batman and a Superman figure along with accessories for the figures. Now I am trying something new that I may eventually apply to all my pages. Rather than take a shot of each package completely, I am gonna take close ups of the bootlegs that way you can get a better idea of just how crummy they can be. Believe me, this particular set has some really horrible bootlegs.
So here we go.........!!!

 First, here is the front of the package. As you can see, the artwork features Batman and Superman. Below Superman and Batman and behind the figures is a drawing of a world that is blowing up. The words Marvel Team Up are on the top of the card. In general, the bubble these figures are mounted on are made of a really poor quality. The bubble crushes very easy. While the card is actually made pretty sturdy. The card measures a little more than 10" X 7.5". There is a typo on the front of the card and plenty of typos all over the back.

On the bottom is a close up pic of a section of the back of the card. The card back shows different match ups of superheroes. For example; Peter Parker vs Civilian Wolverine, Cyber-Link Baatman (sic) vs Wolverine Tiger-Strife, Power Fight Superman vs War Machine. It even comes with descriptions of what the figures are supposed to do.


Now here we go with the figures. All the Superman and Batman figures have been bootlegged in other toy lines. The Superman figures have shown up in The Man Of Steel and Superhero bootleg toy lines. (The Superhero bootlegs are different from the Superhero bootlegs currently up on this site). I will eventually post my Man Of Steel and Superhero lines. Stay tuned.


I don't remember the name of this Superman figure. The Batman is taken from an animated Batman mold. Notice the accessories? In all of these packages, the accessories tend to fall all around the bubble.


Here is Conduit and Bruce Wayne. I think the Bruce Wayne is the Val Kilmer Bruce Wayne mold


Another Superman with BTAS Batman. By the way, all the animated Batman figures look like they are ready to give somebody a kiss. My sister calls these Batman figures "Pucker Up Batman"

Here is Superboy and a BTAS Pucker Up Batman.


Superman and BTAS Bruce Wayne


 Steel and Batman. Another Val Kilmer mold????


Here is Laser Superman with another Batman figure


This is Power Flight Superman and another BTAS Batman.

That's it! This is the whole series of Marvel Team Up bootlegs. What do ya think of these???

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