Darth Maul Card Bootleg Figures

Will the Star Wars bootleg toys ever stop? How many more bootleg toys can we expect to see from Star Wars molds? I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, here is another Episode One bootleg toy line. This time, the figures are on a Darth Maul card. 


As you can see above, the figures are mounted on a Darth Maul card. BUT the card back is a Queen Amidala card back. Try and figure that one out, eh? Hey! This card also has the unusual addition of a bar code on the back. 
This series of toys also come with a bootleg comm chip. Based on the picture on the card back, there are thirteen figures in this bootleg toy series. Sadly, I only have two figures from this series. 


This Watto figure is almost identical to the Watto figure that comes on a C3PO card.The paint job on this guy is slightly different. Watto's accessories are kinda like a blood red if ya ask me. 
Unlike the Watto in the C3PO series, this one doesn't have a Hasbro trademark on the bottom of the foot. 



Ah, Darth Maul. This guy actually looks pretty decent for a bootleg toy. His double bladed light sabre is one long piece of plastic with some minor detailing. 
Y'know, this is a pretty good looking bootleg and it just might fool ya if ya saw it on a store shelf. 



How about a close up of Bootleg Darth Maul? Not too shabby looking, eh?

Well, I only have two of the figures in this series. I didn't get them here in the states. A friend picked them up for me in Singapore. Thanks Darren! Who knows? Maybe someday I'll score the rest of them. 

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