Darth Maul Mask

This bootleg toy is absolutely one of my favorite Star Wars bootlegs. Too bad I didn't find it myself here in the states. Darren Chia rounded this bad boy up for me out in Singapore. Take a look!

Whoa! Well, there is that familiar Episode One card again. 
That's a pretty bizarre bubble the figures are packaged under, eh? Well, the figures themselves stand only two inches tall. Do ya think the bootleggers are gonna give these figures any articulation? Absolutely Not!
But get a load of the next picture...


What's this? A Darth Maul mask? Whoa! Trey cool! Only, is old Darth Maul grinning or grimacing? 
The mask isn't one of those cheap plastic jobs either. This one feels like it has some umpph behind it. There isn't some cheap piece of string to hold the mask onto the face either. This mask has a nice sturdy piece of cloth. Very impressive.
The mask length is only a little more than eight inches long. Not big enough to cover an adults face if ya ask me. I'm pretty sure any kid would be proud to have this on their mug. 



Here's a shot of the card back that the mask and figures are mounted on. 
The card is basically a large version of the Queen Amidala card. On the bottom of the card are pics of 18 figures. So I think that this mask must come with six different versions of figures. 
The card measures a huge 15" X 8.5". As usual, no trademarks or copyrights anywhere. 
I gotta tell ya, I simply love this toy. It is absolutely the coolest! Thanks Darren for snagging this bad boy for me!

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