Episode One Bootlegs
Collection Three

The following figures I found on July 28, 1999. These figures are the second wave of Episode One bootleg toys to hit the streets. 
There are five figures in this series of bootleg toys. They are all from Collection Three. 

Here are the figures on the card: 



As you can see in the pics above, the figures come on a C3PO card. There is a comm chip included. But it does not work. Actually, the comm chip only resembles the actual comm chip you find with the real toys. 
I gotta tell ya that the figures in this series of bootleg toys are of a far better quality than the bootleg Collection One figures. The detail on the paint is very good. The facial detail of the actual figures themselves is outstanding! 
The card that these figures come on is considerably smaller than the "real" card. Missing are any trademarks or manufacturers names. But you do get all the figures in this bootleg series pictured on the back. Also missing is the band that says what collection these figures are from. 
Now I gotta admit, I skipped on virtually all of the Collection Three figures. So unless I run out to the store and pick them up, I can't give you any real detail about the differences between the bootleg figures and the real figures. 
So let's just look at the toys. 
First up is that perpetual pegwarmer, Ric Olie. 
There are probably some slight paint differences from the original figure Ric Olie when compared to the bootleg. 
Ric's helmet, (including the goggles) is all the same shade of brick red. 



The second figure in this series is Senator Palpatine. Check out the detail in his face. I am certainly impressed. Sure the figure's hands are a different color than the face, but this figure does have some great detail for a bootleg figure. 


 Here is Darth Sidious. The bizarre thing about this particular figure are the eyes. Are they supposed to be just black dots of paint.? Oh, the bootleggers didn't stay between the lines when it came to painting the robe. Part of Darth Sidious hands are stained black. 


This bootleg rendition of C3PO is quite good when you consider all the details that go into his paint job.   C3PO's body is mostly painted silver with the exception of some small gold dabs of paint on various parts of his body. Most of C3PO's wiring is left unpainted with only small dabs of blue and red paint on a small portion of the wires. 


The last figure in this series is Watto. He was one of my earlier faves in the new series of figures. This guy has some great detail. Okay, so the bootleggers got a little sloppy with his paint job. So what? He looks marvelous. 
Check out the pic of the bottom of Watto's feet. That's right! It says Hasbro and China on his right foot. On the left foot are 1998 and LFL. I assume that the LFL stands for Lucas Films Ltd. Correct? 
Similar markings are on the bottom of C3PO's feet. 


Speaking of feet. These figures do not have mounting holes undernearth them. And the comm chip does not have the small stands for you to mount the figure on. 

Here are a couple of the Comm Chips: 

The pics that are included with the comm chips are just small pieces of cardboard with an very poor image of the character that is packaged with the comm chip. Some of the pics aren't mounted very well and tend to slide around in the comm chip. 

Well, that's it for this series of bootleg toys. I think that the bootleggers did a great job with these particular figures. 

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