Mexican Batman Beyond 

The two figures on this page are based on the Batman Beyond character. I don't collect this toy line. So just excuse my ignorance about them. 


I found both of these figures in Mexico. They came loose with no accessories. There are absolutely no markings or trademarks anywhere on these figures. 


Here's a close up of one of these figures. Now the paint job is really much worse than the picture shows. Especially on the face and belt. 

This is the back of the black and red Batman figure. Looks like the wings were all red. Then the bootleggers just spray painted them black. Notice that the bootleggers didn't bother to paint the belt on the back of the figure?

Okay, these figures stand a little over six inches tall. The wing span is just over seven and a half inches wide. Along with the wings, this Batman figure sports articulation at the base of the head, shoulder and hips. There's one last thing I wanna share with ya. Take a look at this....

Pictured above are the legs from one of the Batman figures on this page. Alongside it are the legs of a bootleg Spider-Man figure I bought at the same store. Look closely and you'll see that the legs are just about identical. All ya gotta do it take out Spider-Man's boots and ya have the same legs. I guess the bootleggers only have one basic mold for the legs.