Mexican Figures

Here are four more Mexican figures that I found in Mexico (duh!). These all came loose. Quite frankly, I really, really like these figures. They are just the bomb!


These first two figures come made out of translucent plastic. Now I have a few Batman figures that I bought in Mexico that are pretty similar to these. I swear, these are just too cool. Oh. In case ya can't tell. We've got Spider-Man and Captain America. Captain America didn't come with a shield. But it sure looks like he supposed to be wearing it on his right arm. Cap's also a little bit fragile. So I don't mess with him too much.
Now these other two figures are also pretty darn cool!


Another Mexican Thing figure and a different Captain America (this time with his shield). The bootleggers took some obvious liberties with Captain America's costume. This version of the Thing is a bit too skinny for my taste. But there's no mistaking who it's supposed to be. The Thing doesn't stand very well. In the pic, he is leaning against the wall. 
This Captain America and Thing both stand seven inches tall. The Spider-Man figure and the Captain America pictured with Spidey are six inches tall. These figures were sold loose. No packaging was included.