Mexican Batman Vehicles
All of the toys featured on this page were found in Mexico. They have been around for years now. As a matter of fact, all of them are still available in Mexico. I see them every time I make a trip down there. 

This toy has all ready been featured on my Batmobile page. It measures about 5.5" in length.



The Bat Jeep! Heh. Did Batman ever drive in a Bat Jeep? This vehicle measures just over three inches in length and stands about two inches tall. 
What's that in the back of the jeep? Gum!



Here is a Bat Chopper. Probably the niftiest vehicle in the set. The skids actually have wheels on them so you can roll it around. And the rotor also spins around. 
The Bat Chopper has the weirdest Bat Logo I have ever seen. This toy measures over five inches in length and is just over three inches high.



Waddaya call this? The Bat Hauler? This thing measures over seven inches in length and is a little over two inches high. 

What's the scoop with these toys? Well, the only connection to Batman is the Bat Logo that is pasted on each one of these toys. Well, I guess you can also take into consideration the black and yellow colors. They give the toys a Batman feel too. 
Each of these plastic toys also comes filled with gum. The Batmobile on this page has gum stored in a compartment underneath it. 
All of these toys have some great playability too. So when you are all done with the gum, you still have a neat little toy to boot! I give these things a FIVE STAR rating! Sorry Chris. :-)


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