Mexican Dragonball Z Mask

I gotta tell ya, I never know what little gems I will find when I make one of my infrequent trips into Mexico. While most of the stuff I come across is cheesy Batman toys. Once in a while I'll find something that I just have to pick up. This Dragonball Z mask is one of them. I figure any DBZ collectors who may visit this site might get a kick outta this one. 

This is pretty funny, eh? The mask is packaged like alot of other bootleg toys that I find in Mexico. Alot of times, the bootleggers will just grab a cheap plastic bag and stuff a toy into it. In this case, they took a bigger than usual plastic bag and stuck a DBZ mask and a ball in the bag. Gotta give the makers of this thing credit though. At least they were able to copy some Dragonball Z artwork for the label. 


The mask is big enough to fit over a child's head. It is made outta hard plastic. The mask itself has a bit of an orange tint to it. There is an elastic string that holds the mask to your face. 
I have no idea what the sticker on the mask's chin is there for. 




Here's the ball that comes with the mask. This is what gave me a good chuckle when I bought this toy. The bootleggers at least understood the concept of Dragonball Z. But I guess the only type of balls that they had laying around were these plastic basketballs. 
Well, ya gotta give the bootleggers an A for effort. 




Okay, I don't collect Dragonball Z. I have never watched an episode of the anime. But this thing was pretty darn funny. Heck! It was a bargain for only two bucks!!