Mexican Legends Of The Dark Knight Batman Figures

The Batman figures on this page are based on the Legends Of The Dark Knight Neural Claw Batman. I gotta admit, I really like what the bootleggers did with them.


Both of these figures are based on the same mold. Only the bootleggers made some changes to the color scheme. The wings on both of these figures are translucent. Ya can see right through them. I especially like the red Batman figure. It is absolutely cool looking!!!


Man, I know this thing is a cheap bootleg toy. But I really think this is one cool looking figure. 
Get a load of the bat logo on the figure's chest. The bootleggers didn't quite get it right. 

The bootleggers used your basic metal phillips screw to mount the wings. 


Okay, I found these toys in Mexico. There are at least two other color variations. I didn't pick them up. But I tell ya, I sure hope they are around next time I head down that way. I'd love to add them to my Batman collection. 
Here's the specs on these figures. These were sold loose. I paid a little more than two bucks apiece for them. The figures themselves stand (not very well, I might add) a shade over six inches tall. If I do pick up the other two variations of this figure, I'll be sure to post them as soon as I get them.