Mexican Spider-Man Figure

This is another Mexican super hero figure in my bootleg toy collection. But. Instead of Batman, Robin or Superman, this time it's Spider-Man. And to be honest with ya, this is actually a pretty decent representation of the old web head. 


This particular figure comes packaged in a plastic bag with the above cardboard piece stapled over the bag to enclose the figure. 
Here is Spider-Man still in the original packaging. This figure actually looks pretty good, eh?
This is a much better shot of Spider-Man. This toy stands ten inches tall. The body is made of red (hands and feet) and blue plastic. Spider-Man has stickers on his chest, arms and feet. The stickers really don't work too well. The bootleggers even stuck pieces of scotch tape at the ends of the stickers to ensure that they don't come off. 
One funny thing about this toy, old Spidey's head is made of a rubber. And it's not hollow rubber either. 

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