Mexican Darth Vader Two Pack

This is a cheesy. I mean, really cheesy two pack of Darth Vader figures that I picked up from a corner vendor in Tijuana, Mexico. I snagged this at the beginning of 2001. This was the only Star Wars figure the guy had. So I wonder how old it really is.


This set of figures comes at ya in the typical Mexican bootleg toy packaging. The figures have been dropped into a plastic bag and sealed with a cardboard header that is stapled to the bag.  Above are a front and back view of the figures. The front portion of the cardboard  features a very poor rendition of a scene from Return Of The Jedi. While the back of the cardboard features a shot of a Biker Scout figure. Both images on the cardboard feature very poor images. 

The Darth Vader figures are are really poor imitations of the real thing. Take a gander at this bad boy....

What I got for my two bucks are two capeless Darth Vader figures. Getta load of the light saber that is glued to the right hand of each figure. Something tells me that this just isn't right. 
These figures stand only four inches tall. The only articulation is at the arms. That's it! Not only that. I'm actually afraid to move the arms cuz I have a funny feeling that they'll fall off as soon as I move them.