Mighty Ducks Bootleg Toys

Here are some Mighty Ducks bootleg toys. These are based on the Mighty Ducks cartoon. Not the Mighty Ducks NHL hockey team. Funny thing about these bootlegs is that I have four variations of packaging. 

The first two figures feature the character Nosedive. The figure comes on two different backer cards. Well, I really don't have to say anything cuz the pics speak for themselves. 
The package on the right looks like it might be a "real" toy. But there is some text at the bottom of the card. It reads: CAUTION: Only use projectiles supplied with this toy. Do not fire at people or animals.  Now that's not the standard warning you see on toy packages, is it? 
The cardback for the figure on the left features pics and instructions for the Wildwing figure. The cardback for the figure on  the right features Triple Sword Duke L'Orange.


The other package variations of the Mighty Ducks bootleg toys feature Duke L'Orange. Both figures come with the same accessories. Only the accessories are mounted under the bubble in different positions. Like the two figures above, one package does not include a paper insert. Both of these figures are mounted on Wildwing backer cards. 


Here are close ups of the figures for you to compare and contrast. 

You know, I have never been a big fan of variations. But it's kinda neat seeing the two different versions of these figures. 



Here are the two Duke L'Orange figures. Once again, you can see the difference in the paint jobs. It's quite obvious that these figures were manufactured by different bootleggers, eh?


While I never picked up the real versions of these toys. Having them in my collection is a pretty cool deal. I want to give a big shout out to my Buddy Jorge who scored three of these bad boys for me in Brazil.