Mighty Ninjas

Here is a Spawn knock off straight outta Portugal!!! This set is here simply outta the kindness of Jose C Bastos  who so graciously sent me these. Jose, I emailed you that Ihave that windup for ya. Write back so I can get it to ya.


As you can see from the above pics, this knock off comes in a two pack. The Ninja figures are your basic generic ninjas. But his companion who I suppose is the bad guy for your ninja to battle sure does look alot like Spawn. Well, at least the head looks like Spawn's. 
Here's a close look...


Yup! Those are Spawn heads. Okay, I don't know exactly which Spawn figure the heads were swiped from. But I'm sure somebody out there will let me know. By the way, take a look at the belt on the figures. 

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