This is a set of bootleg Batman figures that feature characters from the Animated Batman series. There are six figures in this set. While I found this at a local swap meet a couple of years ago, I think that these toys may have originally been meant for Brazil.

These figures come boxed. There are six different figures in this set. The characters featured in this set are Catwoman, two different Batman figures, Robin, Phantasm and The Joker. 
This is a pic of the top of the box.



The back of the box features pics of the characters from the movie Batman Forever. 
The name of this particular toy line is Bathero.
The box measures about 9.5" X 7". 
As usual, no trademarks or manufacturers names anywhere.



This is how the figures are packaged. The figures are taken from the original molds. Although the figures seem to be made of a pvc like material. There is no articulation on any of these figures. The toys themselves stand about 2.5" tall. 
See that little blurb on the bottom right corner? Well, that's not the Spanish spoken in Mexico. I think it may be Brazilian-Portuguese. I think that it translates to Promotion special with stickers. Behind the figures are pics from the Batman Forever movie that are stickers.



Here is The Joker.



The sultry Catwoman.



Y'know, I am not sure which Batman figure this is. I may not have it in my collection.

If ya wanna see pics of the other three figures in this set, you'll find them by going to the Superheros page. I have them packaged under a different toy line. 

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