Street Fighters Bootleg Figures

This set of bootleg figures is based on the Street Fighters video game. I think there are three or four different sets in this series. I dug up one. The other sets are probably hidden under some other toys.. 
The name of this bootleg toy line is Mini Fighters.

Here is the top of the package. There is definitely a Street Fighters theme going on here. Wouldn't you agree?
The card these toys are on measures about 8" X 5". There are four figures on each package. Now if the bootleggers are able to fit four figures on a package that is eight inches long, what does this say about the size of the toys?
Here are the first two figures. As you can see, there is no articulation at all. These figures are just little tiny plastic statues. 
On the left is Ken Masters. The right hand character is Blanka.



These two figures complete the package. Like the two figures pictured above, they are also little tiny plastic statues. 
Guile is the name of the character on the left. The guy in the judo outfit is named Ryu.
How tiny are these toys? Well, the tallest one almost stands two inches tall.

A big thanks to Ken Delucia for iding these guys for me. :-)