Legends Of The Dark Knight (Small Scale)


Here is a bootleg Batman action figure from the  Legends Of  The Dark Knight toy line. What makes this figure so unusual is that it is only about four inches tall.
I picked this figure up at a swap meet a few months ago. I found it all by itself on top of a bunch of other toys. I was pretty excited when I saw it. Simply because it was a new version of a Batman figure. I never even thought this toy line would be bootlegged down to a smaller scale.
Anyways, I was pretty anxious to get this on this site. Only  things happened and I forgot I even had the toy until I went through my bootleg toy collection and saw it again. So I am sharing this toy with you before I put it away again and forget all about it.

Here are two bootleg Batman figures. They are both from the Legends Of  The Dark Knight toy line. Both of these figures are the Neural Claw Batman figure. Both of these come on the LODK card.
So what's wrong with this picture????

Well, if you said that one of the cards is missing the golden Bat logo. You would be right. But nobody can miss the fact that one of these bootleg toys is too small. Pretty cool huh??

This is a close up of the little guy. As you can see, this figure has to be taken from the same mold as the regular Batman figure. The only real difference with this figure is in the accessory. The "Missile Gloves" fit into a hole in the arm. There also is no firing button on the arm to shoot the "missile gloves".

Here is Jungle Rage Robin. The paint detail on this figure is horrible. I think the bootleggers had a hard time painting between the lines on this guy.


This is Neural Claw Batman. Once again, the paint job is pretty bad.


Here is Spline Cape Batman.


This is a really neat Batman bootleg. Simply because of the scale of the figure just makes it so unusual. Another thing about these figures is that they come mounted on a nice little stand that is shaped like the Bat Logo.
Something else. The back of this card has the same pics as its bigger bootleg brother. With the exception that some of the pics are located on different parts of the card.

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