Mini Legends Of The Dark Knight Sky Wing


Okay, you've seen the Legends Of The Dark Knight figures in a smaller scale than the authentic line. Well, here is a LODK Sky Wing Street Bike in the same small scale. Of course, you cannot just have a vehicle without a figure, so included in with the Sky Wing Street Bike is a Batman figure.
The card these figures comes on measures about 11" X 8.5". The card and the bubble these toys are mounted on are very very flimsy. Now if you don't collect Batman Legends Of The Dark Knight toys, then you aren't aware that the real toy came boxed. The artwork for this bootleg toy is a direct rip off from the real toy packaging. The bootleggers left the back of this card blank.

Here is the bootleg toy as packaged.

Now this bootleg of the Sky Wing Street Bike comes in two variations. Unfortunately, neither one quite matches the real toy.
On the left is one of the figures and the bike it is packaged with. The right side picture features a close up of the second Batman figure in this series. The second set features a Batman figure and a bike that are much closer in color to the original toys. 
Personally, I really like the small scale Legends Of The Dark Knight bootleg toys. They all suffer from extremely quality along with quite horrendous paint jobs. I love them!!!
Hmm, I wonder if Kenner was planning on making LODK figures in this small scale and shelved the idea. Could this be where the molds for these figures came from???

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