Star Wars Six Pack

Here is one more Star Wars bootleg six pack of figures. Y'know, I found this at a place where I normally find bootleg toys. Only, this is the only set I have ever seen like this. Which is totally bizarre because whenever I find a new bootleg toy, I almost always see it somewhere else. 
But this set is the first and only one I have ever seen.

This set of figures come on a card that measures 9" X 6". Which means that these figures are kinda on the teeny side. And they are! Each figure just barely measures over two inches in height. Naturally, at that size, you aren't going to find any articulation. 

Below is a shot of Chancellor Valorum, Ric Olie and Darth Maul. I guess it's asking alot to get some detail in the faces of these figures. But what do ya want for a couple of dollars???

Here are the other three figures in this set. Left to right they are Darth Sidiuous, C3PO and Mace Windu. 

Like I said before, this is the only set of bootleg toys like this that I have seen. So I wonder if there are other sets out there that feature other characters from Episode One, The Phantom Menace?

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