Here is a toy that I suspect is a bootleg toy of one of the robots from the anime Evangelion. I base my suspicion on the fact that I found this toy at a local swap meet. That, along with the lack of trademarks or copyrights is why I think this is a bootleg toy. Take a look and decide for yourself.
Hey! Thanks to Anne Packrat, I know that this bootleg toy is based on the Sega Evangelion toy line. This particular figure is the 00 figure from the anime. Thanks Anne!

This is the figure as packaged. The artwork features the robots and the human characters. You can't see the human characters because they are pictured under the robot figure.
The card measures about 10" X 7". The bubble the figure is mounted under is just a little bit flimsy.



The card back features the 01, 02 and 03 robots along with their accessories. Nowhere on this package are any trademarks or copyrights. 



The robot stands about five inches tall. There are no markings anywhere on the robot. The accessories that come with this figure do not match the colors of the accessories pictured on the card back. There is a yellow rifle and some silver accessories that I cannot identify.

So waddya think? Is this a bootleg toy or not? I personally think that it is. It's too bad I only found this one figure. I would have liked to pick up the whole series. Aw well.

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