More Mexican Spider-Man Figures

Here are some more toys that I picked up in Mexico. Only, instead of the cheap hollow plastic that many of the bootleg toys I have found in Mexico, these are actually pretty good figures. For a buck and half a figure, I got my money's worth this time. 

Spider-Man and Venom. Both of these toys were purchased loose. No bags, no labels, nothing. I bought them off a street vendor in Tijuana.
Spider-Man stands 5.5" tall. Hmmm, could the paint job on the figure be the giveaway that this is a bootleg toy?

Venom stands just as tall as Spider-Man. Venom's paint job isn't quite as bad as Spider-Man's. 
The back of both Spider-Man and Venom are solid colored. Even though you can see the outlines of the Spider logo on both of the figures. It looks like the bootleggers only bothered to paint the front. 


Along with the Spider-Man figures, I found The Thing. This is actually a great looking toy. The figure is all orange plastic except where the bootleggers painted The Thing's pants and belt. And that's how ya can tell this sucker is a bootleg toy.

As you can see, the paint job isn't quite up to snuff. 

Now ya gotta understand that these are not cheap made bootleg toys. All of these figures are made of good heavy plastic. There's no trademarks or anything anywhere on these figures. As far as playability goes, well, all these figures have articulation in the head, shoulder and hips. 
Y'know, the vendor also had some Dragon Ball Z figures. But I didn't bother picking those up.

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