Well, here is another bootleg Tarzan series. Sigh. Y'know, these particular figures don't have anything to really shout out about. The packaging looks like Tarzan packaging. The figures themselves don't look too different from the real things. I guess for a couple of bucks each, I shouldn't be complaining, eh? 


Above are a couple of the figures in this series. All the figures come mounted on a card that measures about ten inches by seven and a half inches. Each figure is mounted under a bubble that follows the shape of the figure. Naturally, no manufacturer, copyright or trademark info anywhere on the card.

Here are the remaining figures in this series. All these figures have articulation at the joint where the arms meet the shoulders. There isn't more articulation on these figures cuz the bodies are basically a front half and a back half that are glued together. All the paint jobs are subpar. But what can  ya expect from a bootleg toy? 


Well, as ya can see, there is nothing really bizarre about these figures. Unless ya count that purple tongue on Kerchak. Too bad the bootleggers didn't include any accessories with these figures.